Chapter 4

This is a completely home-made video. I'm a bit ashamed of the result but my kids loved taking part in it - they are responsible for the plot and the movement of the "characters". I had a lot of fun working with "Movie Maker" which I was totally ignorant of. The final result is probably unfit for any teaching purpose but the original idea was to post the video and ask the students to write the story for it. Something like that...

Watch the video. Based on the clues given, write the story of this video. Use your imagination and have fun.


Chapter 3

I believe this is one of those videos that needs nothing else, no more words.But you can leave a comment.
Literacy empowers...

Chapter 2

I've been so busy with my new role as "teacher librarian" that I haven´t had any time to write more chapters for this blog. Now I have to post something with an image and I'm trying to figure out something interesting because all other blogs seem so much better and more attractive than mine. All I can come up with is this. (If this were more than a make-believe blog but rather one of those "class blogs" that José suggested, I could ask my students to write an interview to the character on the image who was caught reading.)


1st chapter

This is my first post. I haven't had time to organize the blog yet but I hope to do it by the end of the week. To sart, I have this video for you. When you don't understand what people tell you, communication isn't possible.